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If you could us a favour right now, that would be great.

Open your Instagram, scroll through, and take in everything you are seeing. Don’t just look at it like you normally would.
Really look at it.

What are you seeing? 

How much of an amazing cook that girl at work is, whilst you’re sitting eating burnt toast for dinner...again...because you worked late…again?
What a transformation all of these people are making. How much skinnier they are than you, and how great their abs look?
How amazing your mate’s make up looks in that selfie, whilst you’re scraping the last of your £7.99 mascara out of the tube and are still living by the rule of doing your make up on the bus because you actually prefer 10 minutes extra sleep?

How much fun everyone seems to be having at that cocktail bar/ that pop-up restaurant/ that cool new pub, whilst you are at home, in holey pyjamas sitting on your sofa that you pay for monthly because it’s the weekend before payday and you are still, stupidly, trying to save for a house? 
How amazing everyone’s holidays look, when you’ll be lucky this year to have any annual leave left to yourself after you go to another 19 weddings?
How does it make you feel?
Initially, probably doesn’t make you feel anything. But deep down, you’re comparing your life to theirs. Not outwardly, not always knowingly.
But you are.
You are looking at your unfiltered, uncensored life through your real eyes and comparing it to these enhanced, filtered images. 

And it’s gradually making you feel a bit shit. 
Gradually making you feel that you should be doing more, eating less & basically just being better.

A few weeks ago, after several bottles of house white, my best mate Kate & I had a brainwave.

What would happen, if for just one month, everyone was honest online?
What would happen if you didn’t take 14 selfies, filtered the life out of them and hash-tagged them to shit before sharing them with our online ‘friends’.

What would happen if we saw what real life was really like for all these people’s who’s selected, filtered and well-arranged lives we’ve grown so accustomed to.
Granted, we were pissed.
But the idea still rung true in the sober light of the following days.
We held our hands up. We’re just as guilty of it as the next person.

Only selecting the good bits. The glamorous bits. The bits when we didn’t have pasta bloats and were in a bar with great lighting.
But what if we lead the way?
And, just for a month, started posting honest posts.
Real-life, un-filtered, un-Snapchatted photos. Ones that were taken there and then. That weren’t selected from a batch of 20.

Just real. 
Honest, this is my face after I’ve been to the gym because I’m really trying to still shift my Christmas weight, posts. I’m sweating, my hair’s on my head, and yes this is how I actually spend 3 evenings a week. Look at me. I’m trying. 

Honest, this is me and my mates in the pub and this is the third and fateful bottle of questionable wine that led us to dance to Simply Red in my mates kitchen, posts. I’m not at a flashy event, I’m not drinking cocktails worth more than my flat. I’m drinking cheap wine, with my favourites and fuck it, I’m really happy. 
Honest, this is my face, posts. This is ACTUALLY what I look like. And I’m at home, it’s Saturday night, it’s the weekend before payday and I’m broke. So I’m in. I’m bored of eating £1.99 ready meals, I’m bored of trying to make ends meet and I really want to win the lottery.
Honest, I tried to make a super impressive dinner for my boyfriend, I burnt it and rather than looking like something out of Women’s Health, it looks like a heap of shit, posts. But hey, I tried, and he ate it, and it tasted nice and we’ve spent the evening taking the piss out of how I still can’t figure out the cooker.
We are going to lead the way this month.
With our #honestposts.
Not every day. I don’t honestly want to share my everyday walk to the bus stop with my online following.
But posts that are honest to us. 

Honest to what we look like.
And honest to who are.
And we ask you to do the same. 

And let’s see if March can be the month that we all start being a bit more real online.The month that we stop comparing ourselves to everyone and it’s Mum.
And we start to be a little bit more content with what we’ve got going on.
C’mon people.
And to kick start things, here is our first #honestpost. 

This is us…doing our best Patsy & Eddie impression, a bit pissed, in a great pub, really enjoying the first time we’d seen each other since xmas.
These are our drunk eyes, and if you look really carefully you can see one of my pre-hair dye grey hairs.
Look forward to seeing yours.
Jo & Kate x
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