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All the reasons that Brighton is fabulous

All the reasons that Brighton is fabulous


For those of you who know me, this post doesn't come as a surprise.

I've been ending up in Brighton on Friday nights, for weekends away or just on a little whim for over ten years. I've seen my best mates skinny dip on the beach, my first ever love & I had our first "moment" on the pier once 8 years ago (where's that violin!?!) and I've been known to get in the car at 8pm at night to just drive down for a bag of chips. I've been spending more & more time there of late due to a wonderful little crowd that hang out in Telescombe Cliffs (special shout out now to Ade & Trish Parrish - one day they'll have their own blog) and if I have my way I'll own one of them town houses one day.

The chips, ex boyfriend and general merriment of this seaside town have always made me have a fondness for the place, so much so that I thought it deserved it's own post.

So here it comes. All the reasons that I think Brighton is just fabulous

Ok, ok. First things first. The view.


I mean that is a whole lot of sea for your money.

The Lanes.

Oh hey cobbled streets of treasure trove goodness. Yes, please just march on down there and buy me an engagement ring. Immediately! They literally turn me into a human magpie. Minus the feathers.

The lengths the town goes to, to celebrate Pride.

Why just have a street party, when you could have 12? And a concert in a park? And a parade? What the hell, just make it a national holiday and be done with it!

The arty farty coffee shops.And the fact that you don't have to go further than ten feet to find one.


Cheap, cheerful and as hotels in Brighton go, it's pretty much up there for everything you need. It's clean, it's comfy and the breakfast is cooked to order and insane. As a club. Hilarious. And the terrace in the sun is literally worth it's weight in concrete gold. LEGENDS


I, to this day, have never been in. But I could sit outside that window and marvel at them damn cakes all the live long day. You chocolate sculpting genius.


The Cabaret Scene.

Enjoy your wine whilst listening to some absolute fire crackers belt out some power ballads? Yes please. My favourite? Without fail. Gabriella Parrish. Her voice will make the hairs on your arms stand up.

gabs and me

Not heard of her? Well I literally do not know where you've even been! That's me & her just as she finished on the Cabaret Stage at Pride. Whaddapiece.

Bluebird Tea Co

Ok, me and these guys go back a few years  but my god. Why settle for a bit of English Breakfast when you could go all out and have a tea mixology lesson? What a lovely selection of brews. Keep it up.

Bluebird Tea Co.


Defy anyone to not get all of the entertainment out of a grabby machine and some candy floss.

The air.

All of the sea air. & the fact that it's so clear that it actually makes you tired. Love it.

Wildlife Festival.


Great new festival with a wicked little vibe. And because you can't camp, it means you get to leave the festival, head back into town and carry on your night out. In your wellies. Standard.

The fact that it only takes an hour to get there from London




Yes, please. I would quite like two course lunch, which is delicious, and a glass of wine and get change out of a tenner. Favourite place to eat. And them people. Ever. So. Friendly.

That Hot Dog place outside the station.

Annoyingly I never get the name of it...but my word. That is a good old sausage in a bun.

Sally Vate's Rock'n'Roll Bingo

Best way to play bingo

It's basically a musical version of bingo. Amazing. Only real way to spend your Sunday night to be honest. Oh yeah and is if the bingo wasn't funny enough, the drinks are half price. And for those of you from London, that means the bottles of wine are £5. Yes, £5. Work on Monday is horrific but absolutely worth it - Charles Street.

Talking of cheap drinks...

The fact that a round doesn't cost you a mortgage like it sometimes can in London. Which is always nice.

Oh yeah and then there's the fact that in the evening, you get to look at views like this...

I took that. I know right. All of the pride.

& last but not least.

The fact that you can be who  you want, wear what you like and love whoever tickles your fancy. And nobody is going to bat an eyelid.

Next stop. Reckon this blog would work well if I called it Lady Brighton? Hmmm. Food for thought.

LL x

It's not like it is in the films

Boys are weird