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The joys of living with your bestie.

The joys of living with your bestie.

We are currently celebrating 21 years of Friends. The smash hit, US sitcom that followed the lives of 6 best friends. 2 sets of whom lived together.

Joey & Chandler.

Monica & Rachel.

And what a bleeding great show it was.

This month also celebrates a year of me living with my best mate. Here she is. Old Juppers. That's us doing our promo shoot for our own version of the show Croydon Friends. The coffee shop near us is full of wrong'uns so we just stay put and drink it on our sofa. But seriously, so Monica & Rachel right?!

Whilst having our standard Googlebox night in, we decided that living with strangers in a house share would be pants. Because there's certain things that come with living with your best mate. Certain things that set it apart from living with people you found on Gumtree.

Things such as.

Well you know, you've been best friends for years so you have mildly identical tastes in TV. You never row over the remote and spend a lot of time in the living room, rather than couped up watching your own shiz in your room.

You buy EVERYTHING with your initials on it. Because. Well. Why wouldn't you do that?

Cos we're called Jo & Sarah. Ya gettit?

You don't have to leave shitty notes on the fridge about the state of the bathroom, because you both just clean when it needs doing. No rotas. No rage. Or sometimes neither of you can be bothered (current mood). But your ok living in each other's dirt for a day whilst your apathy for Flash spray subsides.

You'd never dream of labelling your food or having separate shelves in the fridge.

Ah you bought Nutella. I love Nutella. I ate all your Nutella.

Your too good to me, man. And you love me too much to get mad at me. Boom.

If you both happen to be in on a Friday night, you'll no doubt end up putting the world to rights over bottles of prosecco on your balcony. And then whacking Spotify up to an evicition worthy level and dance around to the Grease soundtrack til 4am.

You'll go halves on furniture and know when the time comes that you eventually (never) leave each other's busom, because one of you is moving in with a romantic partner (gah!), you'll let the single one keep the sofa. Cos she's your mate. And what's a hundred quid?

You don't mind when they have their mates over. Because they're your mates. And that's just a bonus.


Sometimes you play each others Tinder when your watching Eastenders. Cos you know what the other one likes. More than you know what you like. It's weird.

Automatically, you make teas in two. Even if the other ones not in. Just habit. Sometime you make 3 just in case the other one pulled.

You open their window and give their room a little air out when they are on holiday. Because, well, you don't want her coming back to all of that mustiness.

You have your own little responsibilities. One's in charge of the joint account. One in charge of the electric bill. You never think to check the one that isn't yours. Cos the chances of her robbing you are slim to hilarious.

The other one can sense when you've got the hump with work, you've got period pain or that bloke hasn't text you back. They just plonk tea down next to you, put First Dates on and don't say anything until you're ready to unleash a hellish hour long rant. Then they listen. Laugh at you. Find First Dates on catch up because you spoke over it. Tell you to shut up this time.

You have several 'life' chats randomly on a Saturday morning. Because you refuse to take advise from anyone else.

You come home rather than going to the pub when the other one needs cheering up. Order pizza. Get fat. Watch Thelma & Louise.

But seriously, how good are my pjs?

Notice that you pull the exact same faces at the TV. Realise you'd make excellent Googlebox viewing.

Watch TV box sets like you're a couple. Wait for the other one to get in before jumping ahead a epidsode.

Consider buying a dog, like you're a couple.

Basically become a little bit of a sexless couple.

& last but not least, my highlight.

Have really serious conversations mid-way through take-aways. My favourite from this week

'But mate, if you saw me on Crimewatch, would you call in?'

'Nah mate, I'd probably be there when you were committing said crime. And I can't afford this place on my own'


Here come the boys....

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