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20 reasons why Croydon isn't actually terrible.

20 reasons why Croydon isn't actually terrible.


So it's got possibly the worst reputation of all of the London borough's, and I'll be honest until a few years ago I was part of the hate brigade.

However middle class art dealers meant my Brixton dream came to an end last summer & I've been a CR convert since. I've been knocking about here since I was a kid and now I'm a full blown resident.

Yes, there's parts of it that deserve the reputation it has but other reasons that actually make Croydon pretty damn fly.

And here's just a few of the things we love.

  1. OK, first and foremost. Reggae Alley. We all know it. Drummond Road's answer to Mr Marley, bringing smiles to shoppers since the dawn of time! You know where I mean. Blasting out tunes down by that dodgy arcade since you were a kid.

2. Then of course there's the fact, that no matter what part of Croydon you are in, you are never more than 2 foot from a Weatherspoons. Curry Club? Well..yeah, it's nearer than Sainsbury's. DO IT.

3. And even if you aren't in a Weatherspoons, a round will still cost you a fraction of the cost it will in the centre of London. Because you are in Zone 5 and they understand that actually, it's not OK to charge £5 for a pint of warm lager. Well unless you're in The Treehouse.

4. Ok, The Treehouse, lovely little pub. And where near enough EVERYONE has been on a first date. Because the tables are made out of actual tree trunks (gettit!?) and well it's just slightly more upmarket than The Skylark. You know they fancied you if they ever took you there!

5. It's the home to arguably the finest football team on earth. And if you don't care about the football...they have an outstanding cheerleading squad. EAGLES.

6. You may well be in Zone 5 but you're still in the centre of London in 20 minutes. BOOM.

7. Talking of being close in proximity to things, you are never more than 15 steps from a chicken shop. And the choice is endless. My favourite of the moment is Rio's, nice & healthy little take away, that.

Pah. Who am I kidding....Morely's for life.

Two piece me up, boss

8. Forget Kate Moss, we bred Dane Bowers. The one. The only. Dane Bowers. For his musical ability, not his sexual exploits. #anotherlevelforlife

9. We're also getting a Boxpark next Summer, which basically makes us Shoreditch. Bring your beards and your top knots. We got this!

10. That's not to mention the rooftop/ car park/ cinema that's already residing down on Dingwall Road. Ever. So. Trendset.

11. Then there's the fact that it is home to the wonderful thing that is Surrey Street Market. One of London's only remaining fruit & veg markets. And it's still as busy as ever. TWO FOR A PANNNND.

12. The Garden At The Dog & Bull. Nothing more to say.

dog and bull, dog and bull. dog and bull

13. Actually, the bar staff at The Dog & Bull. Who needs to order when they present your drinks when you walk in? Top local.

14.  Sod it, basically. In general, The Dog & Bull. Reason enough that Croydon is golden.

15.On the subject of Surrey St, there's that fancy new St Matthew's Yard. And the epic Bgr & Beer. Smoky, mismatched, meaty goodness. Well priced and for a minute you forget you are just behind a shitty multiplex. Love that place.


16. It gave birth to Dubstep. And don't you forget it.

17. No matter what, you will always find a night cap. Even if you have to end up in The Ship on a Sunday. Or in Reflex on a Tuesday. Or worse still....Bad Apple on a Wednesday. You can always find a reason not to go home.

18. It's the home to so many epic greasy spoons. My favourite. The Double Egg at the top of Pawsons Road. Kim, god love her, is a chip frying genius.

19. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used to live there. Yep, you heard. Mr 'I'm just gonna casually write Sherlock Holmes' used to live on Tennison Road. HASHTAG CULTURE.

20.  It's the size of stamp, so you'll always run into an old face. Sometimes it's nice to see an old school friend in the Slug & Lettuce. Sometimes it's great to run into someone you used to work with when casually having a little browse round the place that used to be Allders.

 Less pleasant seeing someone who's seen your boobs at the George Street tram stop. Oh GOD.


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