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Small Pleasures

I met someone recently who lives by the rule that it's the small things in life that make you happiest. Like you can have a big flash motor, but you know as well as the next (wo)man that there is no happier place found than that in a pack of Malteasers in your Jim Jams.

Who needs millions of pounds and a Lambarghini when we have some of the following ey?
Life's Small Pleasures 
- Finding a pack of biscuits you forgot about when you've just put the kettle on. Getting your dunk on. Then the feeling of championship when the biscuit doesn't collapse into the bottom of your brew.
- Finding a fiver in your purse that got shoved in between all those receipts. Winner winner chicken dinner.
- Talking of chicken - that little 99p menu they have in KFC. Small but perfectly seasoned treats on any budget. 
- Also whilst on the chicken subject - when you finally reach your 1/2 chicken in Nandos AND you remembered your card. All of the free meat. 
- Basically - just chicken in general. 
- Cleaning your ears. Ok, a bit rank but that feeling of getting to an itch you can't scratch is just world changing. 
- Cheating a self checkout. Yes my courgette didn't scan and I've walked out of here like it's nothing. Boom. 
- Ikea Market Place. Kit out your flat for £3.50 and have a hot dog. Say what!! 
- Waking up on a Saturday thinking its a weekday. Realising. Doing a little bed dance and turning back over. 
- Turning over in general. Lovely. 
- The smell of a fresh out the machine washing. Unless you use crap fabric softener. But on the whole. Bliss. 
- Cold pizza. Banging. 
- The removal of ones bra after a long day at work. Double Banging. 
- Clean sheets. Game over. 
- Finding an episode of Friends that you haven't actually seen yet. That's a proper treat. 
- Chicken chow mein on a hangover. Hello world! 
- Getting a seat on your morning commute. When that shit happens you've convinced yourself your in for a promotion by the time you've got to Victoria - cos YOUR LUCK IS IN.
-Potato waffles. Smiley Faces. Any kind of fried potato based merriment.
- Taking your time on a shower. Really getting involved with it. Having a little sing. Getting a bit pruney. So good. 
- Stretching. Everyone LOVES a stretch. Defy anyone not to have a little grin when they're getting down with their morning, still in bed, stretch. 
- Waking up a good couple of hours before your alarm is due to go off. That's lush that.
- Winning your money back on a scratchcard. Cash. Back. 
- Back to chicken. Chicken nuggets. At any time of day! 
- Finally going for a wee when you've needed one for AGES
& last but not least (this will loose me some fans) 
- Doing a burp a little while after eating a McDonalds. I don't need to say anything about that that blissful little flashback 

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