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A few pretty incredible things happened this year & I thought it only right to share the non beach holiday based highlights with you. In pictures of course. Because I'm obsessed.

We went to Cork for St Paddy's Day
Basically we got pissed during fashion week. We booked flights after four bottles of wine. It was one of the rashest and dearest things I've done in a while. We didn't have a soft drink for the entire time we were there. Katie hugged a lamppost. Rouse lost his passport. Laura basically turned into a pint of Guinness and Me. I busted out a two step in the only pub in Ireland that played Jay Z. Naturally.

I dyed my hair red....very red.
Yeah. Jessica Rabbit eat your heart out. Minus the dresses. Minus the figure. Minus the annoying rabbit. Laura says that my life took a turn for the better the minute I stepped out of the bathroom that day. I'm tempted to agree.

I turned 25 courtside
And soon realised that I'll never be happy until I marry a basketball player. Hubba. Bubba.

Siouxsie gave me a talking to & I decided not to run away.
In June I decided I was going to jack it all in and go back packing round Asia with about sixty quid of savings and no real plan. One night out with my partner in crime and a firm talking to later, I realised staying put and making me happy here was the answer. So I did. She gave me the boost that was needed and I love her for it...and then in true style we drank a load of beer and didn't get home til stupid AM. On a Wednesday. Classy til the end.
Oh yeah. I also started wearing leather leggings. A lot. Mmmm Pleather.

We went to our last festival 
Laura & I realised that 25 was the age that we could no longer not shower for two days. We camped with popper taking children and realised that actually we quite like having proper chairs to sit on. We did however see M People. Which was epic. My Heather Small impression lives on.

I got to spend some quality time with this one. 
My Nan isn't very well god love her. But we've had a blast this year. And I've finally realised where I get my lip, my ability to knit and sew, my stubbornness from and where I learnt to drink gin like a sailor. All hail Joanie Louie Brickell. An icon. x

I ran up The Gherkin 
I raised £500 for charity and nearly killed myself. Was it worth it? Not at all.

I moved into our lovely flat with my best mate

These cushions really made it! We eat a lot of biscuits. We drink even more tea. And she's finally got me to watch a Harry Potter film. Our flat is ace. I know in twenty years we will look back and laugh at how much it shakes when the tram goes past. But for now we're just learning to survive on very little sleep.

I got in shape 
After a long time of not being entirely happy with myself I took the bull by the horns and got lean. Being able to take a photo like this, of me basically in underwear, was a real turning long Buddha Belly...hello Muscle Mary.

I had the most fabulous Big Gay Xmas 
In September I emailed Ben & Josh a voucher code for an Adonis Cabaret. Things escalated really bloody quickly and before I knew it, we were having the biggest, gayest weekend in Brighton. Ever such a lot of drag queens, bottles of wine, pizzas, shooting stars and near the mark jokes. I also came to the conclusion that I am basically 80% a gay man. And I'm really OK with it.

& to round a fairly brilliant year off. My best mate got engaged. 
I cried. We all cried. Not even through happiness. Just in pure dread about how horrendous the hen do's going to be and how grown up one of us now is. Oh and because we were really happy that she'll be marrying probably one of the nicest guys anyone will ever meet.

Here's to 2015.

Happy New Year everyone. Be lucky

LL x