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What I Miss Most About Being A Kid

Aside from the general innocence, spectacular metabolism and the ability to lie in past 9am, there are so many things that I miss about being a kid. So many I felt they deserved their own post.

If you were born between 1985 and 1991, I feel like you will have been of age to appreciate the list I've complied. Or if like me, you are still mildly obsessed with the 90's, then this is 100% for you.

 Here's my top 20 things I miss most. Another list will no doubt follow shortly.

1. Snake. Not Snake 2. Just Snake. And being able to play it for 14 hours because your 3210 (which was your sisters, then yours and is now your Mum's) had the battery life of a car.

2. Top quality literature like Point Horror and Goosebumps. Well constructed stories about murderous American teens. Even better were the editions that allowed you pick your own ending. God bless R.L Stine.

3. Rugrats. Long live Phil & Lil. And the undercover lessons it taught you about not picking on ginger kids.

4. Genuinely believing that your Yo-Yo had brains. And that your alien was really having a baby. Weird.

5. New Adventures of Superman. Having an insatiable crush on Dean Cain. (Where is he now?). Watching the boys have their first 'weird feelings' about Teri Hatcher. You weren't far wrong cougar these days.

6. Going to Blockbusters to get a film. Taking forever to choose. Knowing to not even bother asking for a bag of popcorn before you got a clip round the ear and taken home to have Sainsbury's own.

7. Being OK with your Saturday nights consisting of The Generation Game, Blind Date and the Channel 4 movie premiere of a four year old Bruce Willis blockbuster.

8. The original grey GameBoy. Playing Tetris until you developed early onset arthritis in your thumbs.

9. Boiled egg & soldiers. Being allowed to 'kill the witch' and cover yourself and the table in egg shells.

10. Swapsies. Swapsies on everything. Panini stickers. Marbles. Togs. The lot.

11. Woolworth's. Pick'n'Mix. Bubblegum tape. Trying to cheat the Pick'n'Mix scales so you could cram in more foam bananas.

12. Being judged by your choice of school bag. The matrix pretty much went like this;

Mini Nike Backpack & Bootbag - Cool kid, slight attitude problem, loves detention.
Over The Body Bag Covered In Badges - Emo, loves thrash metal, will start smoking weed a lot earlier than acceptable.
Jane Norman Carrier - Bit of a slag.

13. Filling your bedroom walls with posters from Smash Hits! Yes, yes, I had a poster of Kavanagh next to my light switch.

14. Bombing round in one of these bad boys.

15. Spending an entire weekend decorating your Design & Technology folder. Asking one of the fit rude boys in your class to 'graff' your name in felt tip in the middle of it for you. Surrounding your new tag with pictures of Usher, So Solid Crew and a dodgy print out of the Chanel C's....well you were doing Textiles.

16. Being double made up when your Mum finally let you spend £30 on Adidas tracksuit bottoms. Wearing them EVERYWHERE for 3 months before finally realising you looked like a tramp.

17. Live & Kicking. These legends.

18. Spending hours on PlayStation with your cousins. Getting blistered fingers from doing the running on that Olympic game. You know the one.

19. Taping songs. Sitting by your big old stereo during the Top 40 on a Sunday and perfecting ninja like moves to stop before Dr.Fox started talking. Listening to the tape for the rest of the week on your WalkMan.

20. Having parties in Mega Bowl. Getting stupidly involved in Zap Zone. Listening to the crap advice that your uncle gave you about putting chewing gum over the laser so you had a better chance of winning. Cheers Tony.

21. 6pm Channel 4, every weeknight. Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Simpsons. Hollyoaks.

22. And by last but no means least. These....

At least now I know where my trainer obsession began




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