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The quarter of a century milestone is fast approaching & to be honest, I'm having a mild panic. As a teenager, 25 is practically ancient and by this age you assume that you'll have achieved every one of your dreams.

At 12 I was convinced I'd be a famous actress by now, living in an amazing apartment over looking Beverly Hills with a husband & 4 kids.
In reality, I'm still in my Mum's spare room and walk the length of Brixton Hill each day, not red carpets.
In my journey to the big 25, I've learnt some key things, things I wish I could have told my 12 year old self.

Here's 25 of them.

1. Films are in fact enhanced versions of reality. People don't fall in love on the tube. Men don't chase you to airports.

2. It does you good to watch Newsnight or alike. Funny as it seems, intelligence is attractive. TOWIE is actual shite.

3. If he doesn't text you back, he's not being aloof, he's not playing it cool, he's just not that interested. Move on.

4. Snapchat doesn't constitute flirting.

5. One bottle of wine is usually enough. If people dare you to drink more, you don't actually have to.

6. If you get to the day before payday and have money left in your bank, you don't have to immediately spend it. Your account doesn't reset every last Friday of the month.

7. Getting pissed on a Monday will ultimately result in you getting pissed every other night of that week.

8. Cut out Malia, Zante and alike. Just go straight to Ibiza and realise what an actual clubbing holiday is like. Fall in love with the island. Vow to always return.

9. Approach flames with caution. Especially old flames.

10. Expensive make up is money well spent. Cheap wine is not.

11. Shaved legs are always important. 2nd date or 2nd baby. There's no excuse.
12. You won't win the lottery. Be on time for work, don't rage your boss.

13. Talking of punctuality, live by the rule that if you are on time, you are late. Be ten minutes early.(I can't take the credit for this one, it's someone else's motto, but it's a good'un)

14. Accept compliments graciously. Don't be staggered by someone finding something nice about you.

15. Being nice is easier then being horrible. Smile, be polite, go far.

16. You can't have 26 best mates. At most you'll have 4. Invest in them.

17. Don't buy clothes that you have to slim into. You will never wear them.
18. Your passport should be one of your most precious possessions.

19. Print your photos. Technology is amazing and great for many things. Don't rely on it to house your memories.

20. Don't hold grudges. He might have been a tit & upset you, but if he's trying...let him.

21. It's unlikely you'll ever be famous. Get a job you love, do well at it & earn a good wage.
22. Facebook is irritating and borders on dangerous. Don't rely on it as your only means of communication. Go to the pub & talk to your mates.

23. Don't waste your time trying to be like other people. You're the best at being you so you might as well just stick with it.

24. You'll fall 'in love' a few times before the real time comes a knocking. And apparently, when it does, you know.

25. You are only 25. Don't go rushing into forevers. There are years left. Enjoy them. Wear stupid shoes, go home when the sun's up & always say yes to tequila.

LL x

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