The Lady London is a new home for meaningful scrolling.

As busy, bustling, working women - we are spending hours a day on our phones. From the minute we wake up we’re checking our emails, checking in on our cycle and counting our calories. We’re mindlessly skimming through Instagram for commutes at a time looking at pictures that make us sad and being served adverts that make us feel like we’re being left out.
Welcome to the home of the better scroll. Good words, different ways to spend those hours and new writing talent from across town.



A brief history

Set up by me - Jo Irwin, blogger/gobshite/sometime campaigner, The Lady London has been a home for content written by me, for people like me for some years now. It’s served me well.

As a lover of good reads and a hater of the issues social media is providing our minds with, I decided to make the platform something that could provide a space for a bit more purpose.

We won’t bin our scrolling habits overnight, but we can start scrolling through things that, we hope, are a bit more wholesome.

If we’re spending 3 hours a day on our phone, let’s make them worthwhile. Good fiction, great female thought leadership, new voices, options for better ways to spend those hours that might ‘just might’ help us to stop feeling so bad about not being that skinny, in that bikini, on that beach.