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The 2004 Kid Dictionary

The 2004 Kid Dictionary


Here's a quick one.
Words that you said if you were at school in 2004.
Words, I hope to good God, you no longer use.
The 'I was a teenage fool in 2004' Dictionary.
The act of hitting somebody. Usually without reason or cause.
See - 'she just got blapsed up in the face' for reference.
A party or gathering that nine times out of ten only ever played the first ever So Solid Crew on repeat. You probably drank your first WKD Blue at one of these. If you are from South London, the police got called to at least one of them. One of your close friends may have lost their virginity at another. More often than not held in a church hall.
The word used to describe the art of dancing, somewhat like a slag, up against a boy who went to the shit school up the road. Often happened at a shubz. Often resulted in a teenage pregnancy. Often was done to a Beanie Man song.
beenie man 
Choong ting
Attractive female
Buff ting
Attractive male.
Butters ting
Unattractive person. Mainly just because they had braces.
A bully's way of ensuring that they sat on the back row of the coach on your ghetto trip to Hampton Court. You wouldn't mess with him because a) he had the Adidas stripes shaved into his eyebrows and b) well...he shotgunned it.
Llow it
Please don't allow that to happen.
See 'detention? Miss. LLOW IT!' for reference.
allow it fam
The word used straight after punching the class geek in his BCG scab to justify your mildly harrassing behaviour.
The word screamed just before 400 puberty struck humans charged towards in the corridor outside Geography. RUSH!
Skying it
The art of drinking a beverage from a can or bottle without your lips touching the container. Almost certainly perfected by only drinking Panda Pops.
panda pop - 
Fat, basically. Word used to describe somebody not even that fat, but unable to fit into size 8 clothes from Clobber.
The act of having sex. Which, at 14, is a hot topic for all and sundry. 'Did you hear that they are mashing?! No way - she's so blennie!'
The hilarious act of breathing hard into a bag of crisps after offering them out to a friend. Endless hours of entertainment.
Frightened, alarmed, generally put ill at ease. 'Bare shook bruv, bare shook'
& my all time favourite
Oh me & my friend just said the same thing at the same time? Now, I've been peer pressured into remaining silent until someone far cooler than me says I can speak again. Sure thing.

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